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Body Scrub$90
Exfoliate the body, leaving skin smooth, silky and hydrated.
Body Wrap$145
A detoxifying and stimulating combination of seaweed, French green clay, amino acids, Vitamin E, and kelp, designed to sooth, hydrate, stimulate and detoxify the skin --  Head & Foot massage included.  **There is no time limit on Body Treatments.
Elevated Body Experience$145
The customizable Riddle experience starts w a refreshing body scrub. After that, you'll use Riddle oil to milk Frache cleanser, which leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth and moisturized. This provides the perfect base for layering your favorite Riddle Boujee Body Oil and roll-on fragrance products, so you can create your desired scent. This luxurious treatment will leave your skin glowing and well hydrated.
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